How it works

We bring everything necessary for the experience - this means we even do the dishes. Our sevice includes

- Teppanyaki grill-
- Table - Chairs (up to 20 chairs)
- Plates - Cutlery (Chopsticks and forks)
- Serviettes
- Gazebo (3m x 4.5m), (6m x 3m), (6m x 4.5m) depends on numbers






Where we can set up

Nice and Flat space, Easy access from unpacking point

-Concrete surface outdoor area
-Deck ( It needs to be low level deck as our Grill is really heavy)
-Garage(we need to be in the Garage if it's too windy, or heavy rain)

Where weCAN NOTset up

-Upstairs (If it's more than 2 steps, we can't lift our grill a it's 250kg)
-Inside of House
-Park, Beach

If Path/Gate is narrower than 850mm, or steep curve, We can not bring our Grill to the Backyard site. In this case, we mgiht need to set up at front drive way, or inside of garage.






Please also check outTerms and Conditionfor more information about Booking